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King Spring Baptist - Smyrna, GA

what do people do?
One thing is for sure when it comes to worship -- God intended for it to be engaging and active! Thus, people are involved in many different ways. Our Band will engage you with music that is upbeat and modern -- that's why you will see people around you singing and, possibily, lifting their hands to praise God as they sing about Him. Our pastor will engage you with a message that is based on the principles found in the Bible -- that's why you will see people around you taking notes and reflecting on how they can apply what's being taught to their own lives. Finally, our ministries will provide you with an opportunity to be active -- that's why you will see people around you involved each Sunday in areas such as multimedia, hospitality and childcare.

what do people wear?
Dress comfortably. Some of our members wear business casual attire. Others wear jeans and a T-shirt. Our only request is that modesty be considered in selecting your attire for the "Spring." The bottom line: It doesn't matter whether we wear a suit or come in casual clothes. What matters is that we come ready to worship God.

what do people bring?
Pastor Jamie's messages are Biblical-based, so if you have a Bible, bring it with you. If you don't, there are Bibles you can use, and you can follow scripture through the multimedia presentation.

what do people do with their children?
We provide childcare. Your child will be well cared for by our trained volunteers in a loving and safe environment, conducive to learning more about Jesus. You will be given an ID tag that must be presented before you can pick up your child.

king spring baptist church
3732 king springs road | smyrna, ga 30080 | 770-432-3202